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Christina Berton Tour


A project to present a different perspective on stopping family violence
Putting the fence at the top of the hill…… not at the bottom.

BPWNZ has worked for over 70 years with a long term commitment to empowering women and to eradicate violence against women and children. In conjunction with:

  • The Rua & Clarrie Stevens Charitable Trust (the Trust) who has been actively
    involved in philanthropic work in the New Zealand community for 30 years.
  • Dove Self-Esteem Fund, received numerous awards and recognition in Mexico and internationally, recently been nominated for most socially responsible publication in specialized media.
  • would like to introduce international speaker Christina Berton with her dynamic message of empowering women through strengthening their personal self esteem.

The Purpose of this Tour
To empower women and girls to help develop a stronger self esteem so that they are more competent to cope with the challenges of life and feel worthy of happiness.


Lyn Dowsett, Sue Morrison-Bailey, Frances Michel, Christina Berton
in middle, Deborah Bayliss, Ros Stroud MaAdam, Elizabeth
Horrell.This was taken after the presentation in Dunedin with members
from BPW Dunedin and Southlan


Testimonials from the Christina Berton Tour:

From Penny Stevens:
Christina Berton left our shores of Aotearoa to return to Mexico last Saturday 14 November.
She has taken us with her in her heart and will be back in 2010. When we left Christina at the airport she was filled with emotion.
Thank you to all of you who supported and connected with her.

Thank you to BPWNZ for having the courage and vision to take the risk in our 70th year to try and make a difference in the lives of New Zealanders.
The Tour was a success and all the costs were covered. Approximately 300 attended presentations and workshops.

  • Our grateful thanks to our sponsors:
  • Dove Self Esteem Fund Mexico for the flier
  • David Jones Creative wording for each regions flier
  • Otago University for the Dunedin venues
  • BNZ Auckland for workshop venue.


This started in 2008 and now many women and men have explored the        possibility of making a difference to the issue of violence in New Zealand.

Hopefully, this will increase with the release of ‘The Liberty of being Me: Empowering Women Through Self Esteem DVD which is available for purchase through the website www.rcstevens.org.nz.

The DVD is based on Christina’s interview with some footage from the Auckland presentation and runs for almost 45 minutes. The DVD’s are for personal use as well as group workshops

The Stevens Charitable Trust and Armara Self Esteem Foundation are working toward a partnership with Dove Self Esteem Fund to start working in schools with Mother Daughter Workshops in March 2010 targeting 5 schools in the area to start with. Christina will return to Auckland to run a workshop and train facilitators to continue spreading the message. Any potential skilled women in all the other regions of New Zealand who would like to be a part of the facilitator training for the Mother Daughter workshops are very welcome to come to Auckland in March to train with Christina and help develop the Self Esteem project in New Zealand.
Penny Stevens

“I was fortunate enough to go to the Auckland presentation, what a night! I loved it! I found it to be such an inspiration. It was amazing seeing the adverts for the beauty products and the editing to make the women “beautiful” – the standards they set for young girls. I would recommend this presentation to everyone as the issue of self steam is one that needs to be addressed and this gave you the building blocks to start and the tools to keep going”
Fadowso Abi

Christina understands all the dimensions of self esteem and delivers it in such a way that is comforting and nourishing to the soul. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I know it will be of value to all people. 

Self esteem underpins all that we are and what we do in life so if there was one thing we can work on to heal all other things it is self esteem. I fully endorse this programme.”
John Hibbs

“I Dream a Dream.
During the past 6yrs working with High school students I have been very aware that we need to support our young girls – in particular around their self care.
There have been a number of programmes around Anger and violence. I often wondered how effective these programmes were. Some students became more aware of violent situations and were able to avoid them, but the majority did these programmes because they were told to through their parents, teachers or the youth Justice system.
I knew there had to be a better way of getting to everyone that was along more positive lines.
Then Christina Burton’s programme of self esteem was introduced to me. I identified with this philosophy immediately. The excitement is intense.
I believe if we can introduce the programme first with “Mothers and daughters”. Then to Teachers and other students (Boys included) it would eventually be helpful to everyone. We could then positively effect larger numbers and decrease the issue of violence.
My Dream could then become reality.”

Barbara Te Kare
Social worker Tamaki College
BPW Auckland member

I am writing to recommend a seminar I recently attended at the University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ. It was entitled “The Liberty of Being Me” and given by Christina Berton. Self esteem is a loaded subject for most women as it forces them to examine their true feelings about themselves and can even provide insights as to why this lack exists within their emotional /psychological make-up. Christina was able to present and expand upon female self esteem with grace, humour and most importantly, honesty. The result of her deft touch and guidance through the maze of preconceptions, myths and just plain “stuff” women tend to carry as their truth was most helpful. I attended this seminar with a friend and her 16 year old daughter. For the first hour, my friend’s 12 year old daughter listened in as she waited for her carpool to arrive. Rapt attention to the presentation was shown by all present – even the 12 year old who wanted to hear more. The exercises were informative and revealing. They were also fun.
In short, I would heartily recommend this series to anyone wishing further insight into the mysteries women live with and often don’t understand. It left me feeling lighter, more awake and rejuvenated without unnecessary grief or that all too familiar wash of hopelessness which can accompany topics such as these when poorly handled.

I appreciate this opportunity to relate my experiences and the very positive outcome of attending “The Liberty of being Me”. It has already changed some aspects of my life and I feel sure it will continue to do so. 
Valerie Parkinson

Introduction/Biography of Christina Burton

Born in Canada of Hungarian parents, Christina has spent the last 13 years living and working in Mexico. Christina has developed a keen eye for the subtle and overt influences that permeate different cultures and affect every fiber of what it means to be a woman in diverse circumstances.
Christina’s experience covers:

  • doctorate degree in Jungian Couples Therapy,
  • additional specialization in Resonance Repatterning and Family Systems Therapy,
  • from 2007, became an advisor for the DOVE Self Esteem Fund in Mexico speaking to more than 85,000 through conferences and workshops,
  • maintains a private practice in Mexico City,
  • 2008, co-founded AMARA Fundación Pro Autoestima (Pro Self Esteem Foundation) in Mexico City, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to motivating and empowering people to recognize their self-worth. AMARA (Greek) meaning “eternal beauty”,
  • keynote speaker at Mexico City´s celebration of International Women´s Day 2009, 10,000 attended at the Auditorio Nacional.

AMARA has created numerous synergies and collaborations both in the private and governmental sectors, spearheading new paradigm of collaboration achieving important milestones, for example:

  • Mexican Technical Secondary School Board, challenged more than 30,000 Mexican youths to examine and question existing beauty stereotypes and how such stereotypes affect their self-perception and overall level of self esteem.
  • Unprecedented collaboration between the Mexican Military and AMARA, 30,000 military personnel and their families will attend conferences and workshops designed to help strengthen their self esteem and combat the pressing issue of family violence.

Christina is sought after as a motivational speaker or workshop leader on self esteem issues and empowerment for men, women and children.

Endorsements received by:
Anne Todd-Lambie, Past President BPWNZ and Family Lawyer
Moderator “Say No to Violence” workshop, BPW International Congress, Mexico, October 2008
Christina Berton is a Jungian Psychotherapist who spoke at the BPW Congress Domestic Vio-lence Workshop in Mexico on Self-esteem. After the Workshop, time had run out those present continued to sit engrossed in Christina’s presentation.”
Penny Stevens, Past President BPW Auckland
Christina Berton was an amazing speaker, who has this special X factor……”


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