Keys to Achievement

BPW NZ offers a supportive environment where women can work together to share in the personal growth and development process and acquire personal development skills. Our members learn assertiveness, gain self-confidence, find ideas and support, benefit from mentoring and gain encouragement and inspiration from the experience and achievements of fellow members and a wide range of guest speakers.

What is the Keys to Achievement program

Keys to Achievement is a personal and professional  development program which challenges women to increase their leadership skills within BPW and the community. The Keys to Achievement has three levels, each level increasing in difficulty. Each level has twelve different tasks of which members must complete ten tasks to receive competency.

How will members benefit from participating in the Keys to Achievement program?

  • Take up the challenge and learn more about yourself and your fellow BPW Club members.
  • Learn about all the aspects of BPW; Policy, Development, International, Leadership, Networking
  • Receive a certificate of completion for each level achieved and the corresponding post nominal after their name.
  • Receive recognition within BPW through the titles, Graduate of BPW for the first level, the second level is Professional of BPW and the final level is Fellow of BPW.
  • Above all, through participating in the Keys to Achievement program, you will meet new people, develop new skills, contribute to BPW and have fun.

“Let us build together and see what we can make”

Dr Lena Madesin Phillips – Founder President
International Federation of Business and Professional Women

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