Do you want to develop your skills and confidence?

Is investing in yourself to further your career or business skills a priority for you?

Are you keen to hone your event management skills?

Are you looking for an encouraging and safe environment to practise leadership skills?

 Then BPW is for you ……….

Join us as women helping women to learn new skills in a safe, supportive environment.  The programmes offered by BPW NZ are effective and are the lowest priced continuing self-development plan available.  As an investment in yourself it wins hands down.

By joining a BPW NZ club you will join a group of like-minded women enjoying business and social contacts and networking opportunities while also achieving personal goals through the club structure and programmes offered.  Clubs meet over dinner on a monthly basis in many towns and cities throughout New Zealand.  There is the opportunity to learn from speakers as well as from gaining practical experience via holding office at Club and Federation levels.

Workshops and seminars are organised locally, regionally and nationally to help women increase their self-confidence and achieve their goals.  Annual Leadership forums have had rave reviews from participants.

Many clubs organise projects within their community and the organisation of these events (whether they are for fundraising, panel discussion or community strengthening) present great opportunities for newer members to be mentored as they develop management skills.

The Keys to Achievement programme has been developed to build competency is a range of areas to improve personal skills allowing individuals to realise their full potential in their business or professional lives.  Find out more about this and join up to the programme!



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