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Repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act

27 February 2006


To: Secretary of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee

Re: Crimes (Abolition of Force as a Justification for Child Discipline) Amendment Bill

1. This submission is from the New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women, Inc. (BPW NZ). We do not wish to appear before the committee.
2. Contact person: Angela McLeod (Legislation Convenor) – based in Wellington.
Ph: W: 04 570 7767 or 027 497 2762 H: 04 582 2288
Mailing address: BPWNZ, PO Box 28-326, Auckland
Our organisation

3. Our organisation’s aims are to link professional and businesswomen throughout the world, to provide support, to lobby for change and to promote the ongoing advancement of women. We work for equal opportunities and status for all women in economic, civil and political life and removal of discrimination in all countries. We promote our aims and organise our operating structure without distinction as to race, language or religion. Our membership is approximately 1000.

Our structure is comprised of a National Executive, 33 branches located nationwide between Kaitaia and Southland, together with a number of individual members in areas where there is no branch.

We support this amendment through our policy. We feel that children should be provided with the same right as adults to protection from the use of physical force.

BPW NZ Policy

4. We have policy which supports our stand on this amendment. Policy 11.9 states that “The New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women

(a) SUPPORTS the Commissioner for Children’s call to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961 which allows parents to use reasonable force in disciplining their children, and
(b) URGES the Minister of Justice to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961 so that children are provided with the same right to protection form the use of physical force as adults have. (1994)”

We support the intent of the amendment to this bill in its entirety.



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