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Food Labelling

 Mandatory Country of Origin Food Labelling

Press release

For immediate release: 2 November 2008

For over 70 years the New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPWNZ) has been lobbying for change. BPWNZ’s policy provides the mandate to address issues that affect women, in particular, working women.

Mandatory Country of Origin Food Labelling is one such issue.

BPWNZ are absolutely in favour of mandatory country of origin food labelling.  “We know that women, by and large, are the purchasers and providers of food for their families and we feel it is vitally important that they are able to make informed choices about the food they buy’ said  BPWNZ First Vice President, Angela McLeod.

Sometimes food choices are driven by the economic realities in families and some New Zealand produce may be more expensive than those imported foods on offer. The choice of how to spend the family budget is not that of the government. Women need to be able to have the choice of whether to buy imported or New Zealand produced foods and this choice needs to be an informed choice. In order for consumers to make informed choices, New Zealand needs mandatory food labelling for single ingredient foods – meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.  “We are absolutely appalled to hear that the 800,000kgs of pork imported into New Zealand EVERY WEEK last year was not labelled as to its origin for the consumer”.

The value of New Zealand pork contributes 3.5 times as more to the New Zealand economy than imported product.

It is absolutely vital that the fresh foods in New Zealand are labelled with country of origin information so that all purchasers can make informed choices about the food they eat and contribute positively to the NZ economy.

Labour and National voted against a 39,000-signature petition calling for mandatory country of origin labelling of fresh and single component food.  “The government should not be mocking women’s intelligence by refusing to legislate for mandatory labelling that offers appropriate, ethical and informed choices about the Country of Origin of the meat, fish and vegetables and fruit the women of New Zealand wish to purchase’ Mrs McLeod said.

BPWNZ is 100% behind the CoOL campaign launched today and proud to be part of CoOLNZ.  “We are pushing for the mandatory Country of Original Labelling of single ingredient foods” Mrs McLeod said today.
For more information contact:
Angela McLeod
Vice President – Issues
P: 04 528 2288
M: 027 497 2761
E: fvp@bpwnz.org.nz



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