All of the bills that are presented to Parliament, or more correctly the House of Representatives, (the House for short) are listed on the Order Paper – it’s effectively the agenda.

If you are interested in following the business of the House, you will find the order paper here.

The Alcohol Reform Bill is on the Order Paper at number 45 and it is up to Committee stage.  It has been through its First reading, Select Committee and Second reading.  All of the bills that are presented to Parliament

Now that the bill is at committee stage, members of parliament can table what is called a Supplementary Order Paper (SOP).  The SOP offers changes to text and is voted on by the House.  Tim Macindoe (National    Party MP) has indicated he will put one in about purchasing age and Te Ururoa Flavell (Maori Party MP) has indicated that he is putting one in asking for changes that cover, incidentally, all of our policy points on this.  I’ve heard too that Iain Lees-Galloway, Labour MP has one too.

We have a chance now, to lobby our local members of parliament.  We’d like them to vote in support of Te Ururoa Flavell’s SOP so that the Bill is effective in  reducing the harm caused by alcohol.  We do have some time as the bill is some way down the order paper, and that means that we can get started now and be more effective.

We have a great opportunity to push for change and increase our profile and to support you with this I have drafted this letter Alcohol bill letter 2.  I will follow up with a draft media release that you can use when the bill actually gets to the House.

My suggestion, if you’d like to use this opportunity, is that you personalise the letter to your club and send it to your local MP in the next week or so and follow up their office to make an appointment.  You want to see them to make your point known.

To prepare for the meeting, read through the submission and have a discussion based on our policy (which is included in the submission) and the answers we gave at Select Committee.  You will see in the oral submission our key messages – this will help you prepare for your meeting.

I haven’t got the space here to be more descriptive of how you might lobby, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like further support.  I absolutely am prepared to help you with this, even including role play of a meeting.  You can call or text me on 027 497 2761 or email me (Angela McLeod) at

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