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BPW NZ has lobbied on issues such as Matrimonial Property, Student Loans, Employment Relations, Disability Strategies, Prostitution Reform, Pay Equity, Health & Safety in Employment, Paid Parental Leave, the Ministry for Women Action Plan for Women and many more.

Advocacy is given high priority in our federation and there is encouragement for all members to participate in club discussions which lead to the forming of resolutions, to the consideration of resolutions and to the provision of background material for the many submissions that BPW NZ makes.

Clubs present resolutions based on the areas of concern in their communities and the breadth of the subject matter is wide. Debating resolutions that will form the basis of BPW NZ policy and future advocacy is always lively and is a great learning experience for women who want to use their voice on behalf of other women.

When making submissions to Government Select Committees, BPW NZ must check our own policies for relevant policy or use CEDAW or BPW International Policy to make a written submission congratulating the Government where appropriate and making recommendations where we believe change is required.

Oral submissions draw on background material provided by our members and press releases are timed to coincide with the oral submission for maximum impact.

As BPW NZs reputation in the advocacy area has grown, we are now invited to participate in surveys and discussions on draft legislation before it is finalised and formally released for the submission process.

BPW NZ is also recognised for the experience and commitment we bring to advocacy work and this is shown in our work with the National Council of Women and the BPW International Congress.