Are you concerned about women’s role in society?

Are you being paid less than men doing the same work as you?

Do you want to speak out on legislation coming before parliament?

Do you want to make a difference?

Issues:  Making the most of the opportunity to have our say

 Interested, then BPW is for you ……….

Join us as women working for women to represent the interests of working women and advocate for the status of all women.

At national level BPW members take on watching briefs on upcoming legislation and prepare submissions to Government or local authorities based on BPW policy.  BPW NZ is non-party political but it is involved at government level in lobbying for change and assists in formulating policy that help working women.

Members are encouraged to join task force groups to research any issue before making submissions or participating in active lobbying with government or national or local agencies.  Your voice is also heard through meetings, survey and discussion documents and through your entitlement to submit motions for debate at national conferences.

As an organisation we work to stimulate and encourage in women a realisation and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community, locally, nationally and internationally.  We work in partnership with a variety of national organisations.  They include the National Council of Women and Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Other Issues we are working on are:

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NZ Federation of Business and Professional Women