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 BPW Product:   February Special Only $10.00 (Usually $15)

“BPW Ladies on the Go” –

  • Walking, gym, hiking, biking – or just keeping cool in this Hot Hot Hot weather
  • Let’s drink “Water” in a BPW drink bottle –
  • – Keeps your water Cool (not like plastic water bottles)
  • – Reduces our use of plastic
  • – Add lemon, lime or mint to your water
  • Contact me directly – for all sales leonie.dobbs@xtra.co.nz


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 Business Cards

Sample front of BPW Business Card   BPW NZ Business Card Template

 200 cards                $ 65.00

 400 cards              $ 100.00  Business Card Case   $  20.00

Business or Loyalty Cardholder         

Business or Loyalaty Cardholder


Matt metal finish.                                                      

Holds 15 cards.  

Price: $20.50

Product No: 2002

White Cap with Embroidered logo            

White Cap with Embroidered logo
White Cap with Embroidered logo


Price:  $12.50

Product No: 2020

Memory Stick

Memory Stickv
Memory Stick



Price:  $15.00

Product No:  2021

Wet Pack Toiletries Bag   

Ideal for travel.  Holds all those awkward sized bottles.

Wet Pack Toiletries Bag

Opens up and can hang from a hook.


Price:  $15.00

Product No: 20

Keys to Achievement Programme Books                    

A three level training programme for members.

Keys to Achievement Programme Booklet

Price:  $7.20

Product No: 5001





Bronze, Silver & Gold Keys.   




Price:  $10.20

Product No: 5005

EMERY BOARD                     

Emery Board


Everlasting glass.

Price: $5.20

Product No: 2004

Handbag Hanger                      

Keeps your bag off the floor.

Handbag Hanger


Price: $25.50

Product No: 2003

Scarf                                      .

Black Wool Scarf

 Black wool with logo embroidered in black.

Price: $15.00

Product No: 2019


Metal Keyring


Price:  $10.20

Product No: 2006

Panama Pen             

Panama Pen

Elegant in metal.

Price: $6.00

Product No: 3005

Avenger Pen           

Avenger Pen

Yellow & silver.

Price: $5.00

Product No: 3002

Wallet Calculator              

Wallet Calculator


Price:  $10.80

Product No: 2009

Notebook with yellow cover

Notebook with Yellow Cover


Price: $7.00

Product No: 2017

IFBPW Lapel Badge             

IFBPW Lapel Badge

Choose a larger or small one. Available in Gold or Silver

Price: $15.30

Product No: 1003 large/1004 Small

BPW NZ Lapel Badge  (old stock)    

Available in gold or silver background with green enamel

BPW NZ Lapel Badge (Old Stock)

Price: $5.20

Product No: 1001

Gold Product No: 1002 Silver

 Red Bag Brooch      


Price:  $35.00

Product No:  1007

BPW NZ  Name Badge    .

Heavy Magnet or pin fastenerName Badfge

Price: $21.50 for orders over 5

Product No: 1005

  • All items have the BPW logo on them either printed, stamped or embroidered.                                                                                                    .
  • Prices do not include postage.
  • Please use the product number and name when ordering.
  • Invoiced goods are to be paid promptly.  Send order to: Leslie Whitehorn  sales@bpwnz.org.nz
  • Payment:  via cheque or internet banking
  • BPW Account #

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