Susil Nelson-Kongoi

Susil Nelson-Kongoi

Susil Nelson-Kongoi

President BPW Papua New Guinea

Susil is the current President of BPW Papua New Guinea. 

She is also Vice President of the Business Council of PNG – the peak body representing the private sector in Papua New Guinea across all sectors, promoting the importance and role of economic growth, freedom and enterprise.  Susil is also Vice President of the PNG Women’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PNGWCCI) which aims to empower and strengthen women entrepreneurs and leaders by building capacity, creating business networks, advocating innovatively, and creating wealth and prosperity in an enabling environment.

Susil is a member of Business Coalition for Change (BCFW) and is an active contributor to the Supply Chain Working Group whose aim is to ensure that business opportunity are available to women owned business in supply and distribution networks.  BCFW works with private sector to drive business growth and women’s economic empowerment in Papua New Guinea. It supports member businesses to recruit, retain and promote women and to enable their full participation in the private sector as leaders, employees, and business owners. 

In her spare time Susil is involved with various activities that promote education and activism to encourage young women into leadership roles.  Some of these projects include the Pawa Meri Project a documentary series of films about six women leaders in PNG.  Pawa Meri is aimed at educating and inspiring young women and school-aged girls about career paths and to become business and community leaders.

Susil currently works as a senior executive with ExxonMobil PNG as National Content Manager responsible for stewarding and reporting on the main components of national content – workforce development, supplier development and strategic community developments.

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