Marily Forsythe

Marilyn Forsythe

Marilyn Forsythe is the current Sub Regional Coordinator for Oceania and the Past President of BPW Australia from 2007 to 2013.

Marilyn has an absolute passion for gender equality and human rights for women and in 2012 Marilyn was able to lobby the United Secretary General for BPW Australia to become a Signatory for the UN Global Compact. She works tirelessly to educate BPW members about the principles of the Global Compact to achieve the aims of BPW Australia’s mission to  work for equal opportunities for women in the economic, political, social and cultural life of Australia; the elevation of the status of women and the removal of discrimination.

Marilyn has a long commitment to charity work and was a Board Member of United Nations International Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Australia for three years and the founder of the UNIFEM Spring Walk Campaign. Marilyn was Chair of the BPW International UNIFEM Task Force from 2004 to 2007

In 2011 Marilyn and Sandra Cook were awarded 2nd prize in the category Power to Make Difference (advocacy) by BPW International in Helsinki for the founding of the Equal Pay Alliance. In 2013 Marilyn was awarded a Certificate of Honour from BPW International for her commitment to women’s rights both in Australia and in Asia Pacific.

Marilyn had a 35 year career in senior  management in Public Hospitals working in Patient Services, Telecommunications, Emergency Departments, Critical Care and Medical Records.