Judith A van Unen

Judith HS 82 

Judith Van Unen is a prominent activist for women in the economy.

As a Business Performance Strategist, Judith has developed a repertoire of specialist skills to improve economic performance of businesses and organisations by clarifying requirements, facilitating flexible approaches to meet specific outcomes, and enabling practices that improve profitability and market performance. With a passion for entrepreneurship that was evident from an early age, Judith address trends important to business retention and market development.

Addressing issues of gender equality, women’s economic empowerment, and social justice, she has the ability to steer ideas and projects to demonstrate the impact through programs that are sustainable, considerate of local culture, political environments and supporting economic growth that benefits marginalised women, particularly in areas of post disaster and post conflict.

Judith has been a CSO advisor to government over many decades, nationally and internationally, and working with non-government agencies on legislative reform, submissions, lobbying, and research to contribute towards a better future for women and their communities.

As a CSO Expert Advisor on Australian Government Delegations to APEC ‘Women and the Economy Summit’, and to several sessions of the UN New York HQ Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Judith has covered CSW Thematic issues such as: Women, the girl child & HIV-AIDS /Role of Men & Boys in Gender Equality /Women’s equal participation, conflict prevention, management & conflict resolution & in post-conflict peace building /Elimination of all forms of discrimination & violence against the girl child /Capacity-building on gender mainstreaming in development, implementation & evaluation of national policies & programmes for the elimination of all forms of discrimination /Financing for gender equality & empowerment of women.

As a founding Director of Justice Equality Rights Access (JERA) International, and joint CEO, it has presented Judith with a further vehicle to pursue the engagement of women and men’s participation in the economy in Australia, Asia Pacific, and MENA regions, with a focus on research and training of sustainable business frameworks.

Current Board Directorships include: National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW); Business & Professional Women’s Co-operative (BPW CoOp); economic Security 4 Women (eS4W) – founding Chair and one of the six Australian federal government’s National Women’s Alliances (NWA). Judith has extensive previous board and consultative council experience across professional organisations and government bodies.

Judith is a member of several organisations that support her contribution to working on issues in raising the recognition and sustainable capacity building of small business, in particularly, women’s participation in Australian and regional economies that deliver tangible and viable competitive advantages. These include the National Institute for Governance (previously ANZOG Institute for Governance), the United Nations Association Australia (UNAA) and Victoria, Asian Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW) and Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand (SEAANZ). She presents at numerous international forums on business and personal growth.

Judith has had extensive community sector experience and a profound lifelong interest in assisting those with disability, women in areas of population ranging from isolated to urban, post-disaster challenges of women and of small business and the small business sector generally.

Mentoring business owners and young career professionals continues to be a deep enthusiasm.

Judith is a consummate networker and a connecter of people, and has formidable networks of experts to draw on in her work.