BPW International President’s message & History


Our New BPW International Board is:

International President – Dr Amany Asfour
IPP – Dr Yasim Darwich
First VP Membership – Susan Jones
Second VP – Catherine Bosshart
Financial Officer – Guseppa Seidita
Young BPW – Neelima Basnet
Regional Coordinators: –                                                                   Africa – Honarable Abla
….Mahdi Abdemoniem Ahmed
….Asia Pacific – Dr. Narudee Kiengsiri
….Europe – Dr. Pinella Bombaci
….Latin – America – Diana Barragan
….North America – Dawne E. Williams

Theme for 2017-2020 is “Empowering women to realize sustainable Development Goals”

BPW International – Celebrating the Milestones

BPW International – Celebrating the milestones





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BPW International Attends Two Important Forums

On 2-3 September 2015, International President Yasmin Darwich with 1st Vice-President Amany Asfour, 2nd Vice-President Arzu Ozyol, Regional Co-ordinator Susan Jones and International Past President Elizabeth Benham, International Partnership Chair attended the International Trade Centre (ITC) Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event proved to be their best yet with over 400 participants from over 40 countries.

President Yasmin was part of a plenary panel during the opening ceremony.   Thanks to International Past President Elizabeth Benham, they met with Lauren Gula, Senior Manager, Social Sustainability & Women’s Empowerment United Nations Global Compact, the WeConnet representative in Brazil with who BPW Brazil signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in a special meeting with  Ms. Eunice Cruz BPW Brazil President to ensure that it was in accordance with the BPW International MOU guidelines. International Past President Elizabeth Benham also made arrangements to meet with The International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge President, Ms. Nancy Ploeger, who expressed her interest to partner with BPWI.

They were also happy to meet with potential members for a new Affiliates in Africa and Asia Pacific as a result of the efforts made by 1st Vice-President Amany Asfour and Regional Co-ordinator Susan Jones. Arancha Gonzalez, ITC Director confirmed with Regional Co-ordinator Susan Jones and them of her participation as a speaker at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in New Zealand next year.

President Yasmin noted that it was a truly inspirational and tremendous effort in receiving commitment for action from governments and corporations, International Trade Centre and other founding organisations. The forum also called on women entrepreneurs to actively promote their ownership status, make themselves more visible and to connect with fellow entrepreneurs to achieve growth in their businesses.

During the official closing ceremony, ITC Director and her team as a great surprise mentioned our 85th Anniversary of BPW International and the 40th Anniversary of BPW Sao Paulo.  They presented a big cake to commemorate both anniversaries!

While in Brazil, President Yasmin and her Executive participants also attended the Gala Dinner of the 40th Anniversary of BPW Sao Paulo.  It was an elegant and emotional event where they had the opportunity to share this special moment with the BPW Brazil Executive, members and founding members of BPW Sao Paulo.

President Yasmin would like to thank the Brazilian members for their gracious hospitality during their visit and for the successful co-ordination of these events with a special recognition to International Past President Elizabeth Benham who make this possible for all of them.

Our commitment to ITC’s Call to Action on Sourcing from Women

For BPW International, we are committed to ITC’s Call to Action on Sourcing from Women. We have the programs that are either in place or being initialized to support our members who are either entrepreneurs, professionals or policy makers.

The International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) commit to ITC’s Trailblazers Summit 5 year Call to Action:

·       In joining in the shared vision of increasing women owned businesses in the global supply chain. BPW International undertakes to continue the promotion of Women Empowerment Principles specifically principle #5, for the signature of companies in collaboration.

·       with ITC and UN Women and for the monitoring and the reporting of the signatories to implement their commitments with WEPs.

And to focus and expand on the following programs that are either in place or already being initialized.

·       For data collection, BPW International is building a database of women entrepreneurs through its worldwide membership in more than 100 countries to highlight their economic value globally.

·       For trade policy, BPW International will continue to play a leading role in accelerating our advocacy and women’s engagement with international markets; On the Advocacy Level BPW International will work with its Affiliates for advocacy for Government Procurement Policies, Corporate Procurement, and Women on Boards.

·       For addressing supply side constraints, BPW International is using innovation as well as information and communication technologies to increase the competitiveness of women-owned businesses through our ongoing training, mentoring and capacity building programs along with sharing best practices and successes.

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BPW also attended the United Nations Headquarters on 25-27 September 2015 which focused on the role of the private sector in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

While attending the General Assembly of the United Nations on 25 September 2015, President Yasmin participated in the UN Sustainable Development Summit and  attended two plenary sessions Interactive dialogue 1 (Trusteeship Council Chamber) – Ending poverty and hunger and on the  Interactive dialogue 2 (Trusteeship Council Chamber) – Tackling inequalities, empowering women and girls and leaving no one behind.

During this sessions, she had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Women Under-Secretary-General, with Mrs. Irina Bokova, Directo-General UNESCO and with the President of Chile, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, prior UN Women Executive Director and former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations.

On 26 September participated in the UN Private Sector Forum hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The keynote speakers were H.E. Ms. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and the lead singer of music group U2 Mr Bono.

During the Forum, she participated in a round table discussion on the Rule of Law, which was lead by Mr. Mark Rutte, Minister of the Netherlands. She also met with the new Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, Ms. Lise Kingo.

On 27 September 2015, President Yasmin attended the Civil Society Parallel Event to the UN Global Leaders’ Meeting on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, organized by our main UN New York Representative Susan O’Malley.

Eva Richter was very kind in organizing a meeting with the President of Soroptimists International with members of her Executive. Both Presidents confirmed their commitment to continue working together and presented UN Joint Statements in as well as possible future collaborations.  Our UN Representative Leisha Witmer was also present.

UN Representative Harriet Friedlander also kindly hostesd a meeting at her home with the UN Representative Susan O’Malley,  Francesca Burack, Liz Irwin and two friends of Harriet whom after this meeting decided to join  EPW-New York City!

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BPW International Attends East Asia Sub Regional Conference in Mongolia

President Yasmin attended the Sub Regional Conference of East Asia organized by BPW Brilliant Club which took place in Ulaan Batoor.  The Conference was attended by 140 members, the majority were Young BPW members from Mongolia. 1st Vice-President Amany Asfour and Executive Secretary Catherine Bosshart and Regional Co-ordinator Susan Jones were representing the Executive Board.  This was a very successful Conference with the participation of the Sub Regional Affiliates from BPW Japan, BPW Korea, BPW Taiwan and BPW Ulaanbaatar President Erdenechuluun Tsevegrash. Special thanks to International Past President Dr. Antoinette Ruegg for her attendance and support for this conference.

During the event, BPW Korea Federation presented a donation of US$2,000 to the Nepal Disaster Fund.  This is an additional donation to the one they made before. As a result of this Conference, a new club in Mongolia will join BPW International and we are sure that very soon they will became a strong Federation. President Yasmin would like to acknowledge Regional Co-ordinator Susan Jones for this very successful Conference as well as the Sub Regional Coordinator Insil Lee and a very special thanks to the BPW Brilliant Club, President Nyamjav Yondonsharav and her members for their hard work and professionalism.

Regional News

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Regional Update From BPW Pakistan

BPW Karachi celebrated a flag hoisting ceremony on 13 August 2015. It was a splendid experience to have some foreigners watching our green flag star and crescent flying in the air. A cultural show was presented in which we had girls in all four provinces Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pashto. It was appreciated by the entire public present at the occasion.

There was display of garments worn by girls in all four provinces of Pakistan. High Tea was served after the final stage show. About eight Chinese students from various universities of China presented about their country. The Chinese students have been working in BPW Pakistan for three weeks.

On 25-31 July 2015, BPW Karachi arranged a Teacher Training Workshop which was attended by college and school teachers.

BPW presented incentive to receive primary education by giving easy access to government schools as well as private schools. We are trying to place vocational training in various institutions. The Independence Day is very special due to having freedom to participate in the modern world.

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BPW Quality School Azam Town

Teachers Training Workshop was arranged at the head Office of BPW Pakistan for three days which was started on 29 July 2015. 75 teachers participated of different school of low income area including ten teachers from BPW Quality School Azam Town. This workshop was arranged by Ms. Kiran Asad Javed – Director of BPW Quality School Azam Town.

BPW Housing Project

Eid ration was distributed on Saturday 11 July 2015 at the site. The following members were present: Ms. Shirin Farooqui, Ms. Safia Hasan, Ms. Qaisar Hasan, Mr. Younus and Bongol. 185 packers by federation and 40 ration packets were donated by Ms. Qaisar Hasan,  Ms. Safia Hasan and Dr. Farhat Agha.

On 8 August 2015 the site was visited by Chinese students headed by Ms. Safia Hasan along with Mr. Younus and Bongol. They visited the houses which are constructed by Federation.

BPW Gift Shop

Ms. Nuzhat Ikramullah is managing the gift shop diligently and on Eid occasion, Rs. 45,000 were collected through sales.

Regional Update From BPW Europe

Registrations are now open for the BPW European Conference in Zurich (2 September to 30 October 2016).

BPW Germany launched a Wiki Page on Equal Pay Day with the following objective:

  • inform on (un)equal pay,
  • raise awareness on the issue,
  • provide information and various materials on equal pay,
  • create a shared platform for all equal pay initiatives and related archive material, and finally,
  • push for closing the gender pay gap.

The Wiki shall include information on as many countries as possible; here is the direct link to the information from your countries in English: http://www.equalpay.wiki/Kategorie:Equal_Pay_Day

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Regional Update From BPW North America

The North America and Caribbean Region members invite their BPW sisters from the 5 Regions to join them in Grand Cayman in November for their Regional Conference.

The agenda, which includes a Leaders’ Summit, the Regional Conference and a Leaders’ Symposium, will also have their Regional Young BPW Meeting, a President’s Council, and a fantastic Gala Dinner to celebrate BPW International’s 85th Anniversary in an impressive Caribbean way.   To enhance the celebration, there will be a show and live music.

In addition, H.E. Helen Kilpatrick, governor of Grand Cayman will welcome members and guests at the Governor’s Mansion for a reception, well known US fashion designer Nicole Miller will be joining as a key note speaker, and PowerhouseCooper will sponsor a hosted reception to the attendees.

See you in Grand Cayman, 5-8 November 2015!

Click here to register your attendance.

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Welcoming New BPW Affiliates

From all the BPW International Executive Board and members, we welcome the new BPW Affiliates with BPW Hong Kong starting at 48 total members, 17 of them Young BPW International:

  • BPW Hong Kong
  • BPW Mumbai, India
  • BPW Rijeka, Croatia
  • BPW Tunis Jasmin, Tunisia
  • BPW Vilnius Lithuania

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Past Events:

President Yasmin Darwich would like to thank BPW Italy, BPW Mongolia, BPW Mexico, BPW Brazil, BPW Sao Paulo and BPW New York for their hospitality during her recent travels for various events.







President’s Travel in November and December

President Yasmin will be attending the North American and The Caribbean Regional Congress.  After the congress, she will travel to Brazil to attend BPW Brazil AGM. From there, she will travel to BPW Chile AGM and BPW Argentina AGM.  While in Argentina, she will visit one of the Project Five-Os projects in Villa La Angostura.

If you would like your International President to attend your AGM or a significant event, please contact the President’s Office to send your invitation to. The email address is presidents.office@bpw-international.org

Upcoming Events:

Please also save the date for two upcoming events in the new year:

  • Leadership Summit in New York City on 11-12 March 2016
  • Claire Fulcher Dinner on 14 March 2016

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Here’s the bad news. According to the EOWA 2010 Australian Census of Women in Leadership only 8.4% of the Board Directorships in corporate Australia are women. And more than half of ASX200 companies have no women in their Board of Directors (2010). Alongside this, Australia has dropped 8 places to the 23rd position in the Global Gender Gap Index by 2011.








85 Years of BPW International Supporting Business and Professional Women Globally

BPW International was founded in August, 85 years ago.

As entrepreneurs or professional women, we have come such a long way in advocating for gender equality and creating a better world for women everywhere. Celebrate this by giving a mentor, a mentee, a colleague or an employee a gift from the BPW International Merchandise Store.

You get to pay it forward as well because the money from your purchase will allow BPW to help women across the world.


President Message to the International Board

First of all I would like to thank the XXVIII International Assembly for your participation on the democratic process that elected me as your President and elected remarkable Executive members.  I am honored and excited at the prospect of leading our membership of Business and Professional Women through a new era in our organization.  This is a crucial time in the lives of women around the world.  We have brought up societal awareness of our position and our goals.   We will now work in claiming our well deserved space in society, in the business world, and in the professions.  BPW International is an element of change and improvement.  We are an established global network of leaders in our own right.

As we start this new Triennium, it is our goal to Make a Difference Through Leadership and Action.  I strongly believe that what makes BPW so special is its members.  If we join our efforts and work as a team and with our partner organizations in the initiatives, programs and projects, that we have and in those that may come before us,  not only will we be empowering our own members, but all women in general.  It is through our common action that we will see the results of our work.

BPW International with its network of National Federations, Affiliate Clubs and its members in 100 countries around the globe is in the best position to show the world our true empowerment of women through our actions.  In this triennium we will build on the work and accomplishments gained during previous trienniums and through our common efforts we will be leaders who take action.   Leadership is the best tool to empower women in all phases of our lives, in the workplace, in society and under the law, and we need to prepare ourselves so we can improve our performance at all levels.  We need to take action with sustainable programs, working on campaigns, highlighting issues, becoming women in decision-making roles and anywhere that women need the self-confidence to lead.  Leadership is not just about being a CEO, a President or Chair, it is about motivating, inspiring, providing support, mentoring, and action.  BPW has the tools needed to empower our members.

I call on our BPW leaders, Affiliates and members in general to join in our efforts to reach our objectives and those of our predecessors.  BPW was built by strong, hardworking pioneers who led us by example and who, through their efforts, improved the lives of women throughout the world.  It is my commitment to work shoulder to shoulder with our members, “keeping our roots, building our future.”   Together, we will be Making A Difference Through Leadership And Action.

Dr. Yasmin Darwich, 
BPW International 2014-2017


CONGRESS HAS CONCLUDED and our team has come  back here are some pictures  Click here>>>





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