BPW NZ acknowledges outstanding achievement by its members by the giving of the following awards at the Annual Conference.

The awards, and winners  for 2017 are  here >>

Alix Haywood Newsletter Award                                                          

Alix Hayward Newsletter Award

This award is presented at Conference to the club which is judged to have displayed the best standard of communication during the previous year, primarily through the club newsletter.

As electronic publications require a different approach to print versions, the entry questions are designed to help the judges ascertain the effectiveness of club communications, no matter which medium is used.

The questions on circulation should indicate whether the club uses its newsletters to promote itself in the wider community, e.g. target women who may be potential members, or to keep in touch with former members.

The questions on the national Circular will help judge the electronic editions in particular, as the Newsletter is often directly forwarded electronically to club members.

The section headed role of club newsletter allows editors to explain their aims, and to comment on the effectiveness of their work. It is designed more to encourage self-evaluation (and thus raise the standard) than to help the judges.

The judging will generally be weighted 60% content and 40% presentation

Alix Haywood Newsletter Award Winners


Anne Todd Issues Award

Anne Todd-Bell Award

This Award is presented at the Federation Conference to the BPW Club that in the previous year, has most actively pursued an issue which related to the status of women.

This award will be judged by the Vice President – Issues.

Entries should be sent to the Chair of Project Committee by 1st March each year.

Examples Education of Club membership and the wider community by letter writing campaigns, · Holding meetings and seminars

· Lobbying local MP’s and Government ministers through the Federation and the appropriate Chairs.  Trying to bring other clubs on board.  Clubs are reminded that the activities must be in line with the aims and policies of BPW NZ, and must be approved by the Federation.

Anne Todd Issues Award Winners


BPW NZ Badge of Honour

On the recommendation of the Executive Committee and with a majority vote of the Life Members a Badge of Honour may be conferred on a member who has given outstanding service to the Federation over a period of at least 10 years. Outstanding service requires that the proposed member

  1. has served at Federation level as an Officer, Standing Committee Convener, and member of a standing committee, President’s Associate or other office and continues to serve the Federation.
  2. preferably has served or may serve the Federation at International level by

a)      attending an International Congress, Regional meeting, Australian Conference or other International Meeting as part of the New Zealand Federation Delegation

b)      membership of a Congress committee, International Standing Committee, Task Force, Experts Panel, Chair a Workshop or presents a paper.

There will be no more than ONE Badge of Honour awarded in any one year. It is not necessary to award a Badge of Honour each year. There will be no Certificate of Merit if there is more than one candidate.

If there is more than one candidate the final decision may be made based on the longest service. No life member shall be eligible for Badge of Honour, but having been awarded the Badge of Honour this will not stop a Member becoming a life member if they are proposed as a Life Member at a later date.

BPW NZ Badge of Honour Winners


Brooker Marketing Award

Brooker Marketing Award

 This is a trophy presented at Conference each year to a Club that has been the most effective in marketing BPW through an activity they have completed during the previous year.

 Clubs can make their application by sending a report of the activity to the Chair of the Project Committee .by 1st March.

.Brooker Marketing Award Winners


Club of the Year 

Club of the Year Award

BPW NZ Executive instituted this Award to commence at Conference 2007, and is given to the club that   has best demonstrated the BPW International Aims over the previous year.

Entry Criteria

  • All clubs can enter, regardless of size, or whether they enter any other Award, provided that in the Award year they

i)             Were a financial member of the Federation

ii)            Sent a delegate/s to Conference

iii)           Sent a representative/s to all Regional Training Days held in the club’s region.

Club of the Year Winners


Club Presidents Award

The BPW NZ President’s Award to a Club President at the Annual Gala Awards Dinner, in recognition of outstanding leadership during the past year.

This award and trophy donated by Carolyn Savage, Past President, Club Presidents Awardwas established for BPW New Zealand and presented in May 2014. It was to recognise our unsung heroine, who has been there to lead the members in her club, who has Enabled her members to take on challenges, Inspired others to follow her and Empowered her Club through her Leadership.

This is awarded annually by the Federation President to a Club President who has shown outstanding Leadership and ensured the health of her club, engaged with women across all sectors and continues to promote the aims of BPW. It is not a reflection on the number of members, but a reflection on the passion of the President and the women she has brought along with her on her journey.”  Past President Carolyn Savage

Club Presidents Award Winners

Community Achievement Award (Helping Your Local Community)

Jean Park Community Achievement Award

  Each year many BPW Clubs contribute positively for the betterment of their local communities.

 This not only benefits many organisations and individuals in the communities but also .recognises the involvement of BPW both locally and nationally.

 This award is presented by the Federation annually and is judged on the clubs participation and .involvement with the project.  It includes both annual projects and new initiatives.

Community Achievement Award Winners


Daphne Chapman Award

Daphne Chapman
Daphne Chapman Award

The Daphne Chapman Award is to be awarded annually by the Federation for the promotion of the image of BPW New Zealand.

This includes actions which may have been undertaken within the Club, local or national community, which promote the vision of BPW New Zealand.

The nominee needs to show how the skills of communication, leadership, training, and originality have been used.

Daphne Chapman Award Winners


Harrison-Lee Membership Award

Harrison-Lee Membership Award

This Award is made annually at Conference to the club that has had the highest percentage increase in membership for the calendar year ending 31st March prior to Conference. To be eligible, Clubs must have paid their Federation dues up to date as at the 31st March. No entry is required, the Federation Treasurer calculates the winning club from the financial records by comparing the club membership as at 31st March the previous year with the current paid up membership as at 31st March for the current year.

Harrison Lee Membership Award Winners


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was established at Conference 2013.

This award is not a competition but is intended to give national recognition to those members who may never attain leadership higher than club level but who  are the backbone of a club and therefore, the BPW NZ organisation.  She would be a member who:

  • who has given meritorious service in any capacity to BPW NZ at Club level for at least five years.
  • Goes that extra mile (or 10 thousand) working in the background,  enabling others to step up and move forward to higher levels.
  • Above all, demonstrates commitment to the Aims of BPW.

Distinguished Service Award Winners


Margery Toulson Scholarship

The Margery Toulson Scholarship was established in 2009 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women in honour of our founding president.

The scholarship is awarded to a BPW NZ member for the purpose of undertaking education and training relating to senior  leadership and governance.

Value of Scholarship to recipient is $1,500.  

Margery Toulson Scholarship Winners


Massey Extra-Mural Study Award

This award was first established in 1980 and has helped 50 women over the years to complete their degrees.

Women, who have been studying extramurally towards a first bachelor’s degree in any discipline at Massey University, are being offered a study award from The New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women.  One award of $1500 is made annually to a woman who has been studying extramurally and who by the end of the current year will have completed no fewer than 210 credits (120 credits of which were completed as extramural study) towards a first degree.

Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School on 1 September and Application forms are available from Massey Contact at each campus or email:

Contact@massey.ac.nz    A full description of the Award can be found on the Massey University web site under Scholarships and Grants.  Massey Contact details

Louise Mara – Bachelor of Accountancy


Massey Extra-Mural Study Award Winners

Please note that this award is now discontinued as per conference resolution 2017.


Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy Award

Nepal Literacy Award


The Nepal Prayer Lamp is awarded annually to the Club that raises the most money for the literacy programme


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