Leadership Forum 2014

Using our Voice

BPW NZ’s voice was definitely heard on Saturday and Sunday the 18th and 19th.  It was heard practicing facilitation skills while deciding if slices of lemon in water was preferable to straight lemon and it was heard deciding to make changes in both member’s lives and club projects.  There was a buzz and excitement as the possibilities to make a difference became apparent.

The BPWNZ executive were delighted with the great participation of members and the support they gave each other.  Members built up trust during small group sessions and the safe environment that was created allowed many of the quieter and shyer women to feel confident enough to speak out to the wider group.  There was recognition of each other’s skills and the depth of talent in the group.

The feedback from the evaluation forms has been overwhelmingly positive with very strong appreciation of the facilitation workshops run by Sarah Lochead-Macmillan and the Fresh Start for Women workshop which gave members a chance to think about their own life journeys and to reflect on any barriers they needed to turn into enablers for change.

It was exciting to hear the clubs making plans to build on the skills they had learnt over the weekend. The executive team wish all clubs the very best with these plans and want to support and encourage the process.  If any club needs help with a project or idea or wants someone to bounce it off they are welcome to get in touch with one of the executive.

Follows is handouts made availale for you

Sarah Lochead-MacMillan
Sarah Lochead-MacMillan

Advocacy Assertiveness and Negotiation

Developing Facilitation Workbook

Facilitation Checklist

Grow the Group

Styles of Leadership


Formal ResolutinsBPWNZ-Formal Resolutions-2014 (ppt)  – Carolyn Savage

BPWNZ-Formal Resolutions-2014 (pdf)  – Carolyn Savage


Chairing a Panel of Speakers

Chairing a panel  (ppt) – Robyn Davison

Chairing a panel  (pdf) – Robyn Davison


Website & Blog

Using our Voice on the Internet & Blog – 2014 (ppt) – Lorraine Cameron

Using our Voice on the Internet & Blog -2014 (pdf) – Lorraine Cameron

Virginia Warren

Virginia Warren’s Talk on In Print Media and in person

BPWNZ Leadership Forum for Web

A P Show instruction hand out A P Show instruction hand out