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GROWme.    An Introduction

A proposal from Sally Smith and Charlotte Nevill of BPW Warkworth


In NZ we adopted the Keys to Achievement (KTAs) from Australia over ten years ago. BPW Warkworth initiated Project Unlock last year. The purpose of this project was to  review the KTAs and their on-going suitability as a personal development tool for the future.

Here is the Project Unlock Project Plan 2. Project Unlock Project Plan.

We have now completed the review and have a draft proposal for the way forward, which is GROWme. We are presenting the GROWme. proposals to NZ clubs at the egional Meetings so that every club can have a say. With the backing of the Clubs we will be able to seek approval from the National Executive to get approval to launch GROWme. Here is the evolution from KTA’s to GROWme.  3.BPW Project Unlock from KTAs to GROWme

GROWme.  Charlotte says………

In short, GROWme. is a capability framework. We are huge believers that capabilities grow confidence, and the vision of GROWme. is “All women can be who they want to be”.

As a relatively new member of BPW (been a member for a year now) one of the things that jumped out to me is the members not believing they had something to share with other members. So one of the key pillars of GROWme. is Members for Members – where members share their expertise with others, whether it through a training programme, a written piece on something, presenting at a conference etc.

The framework is built around 4 perspectives: Leadership, Voice, Wellbeing and Business Skills.

Each perspective has a range of capabilities that can be added to (or removed) over time as the world changes and evolves….. 4. Draft Capability Framework  and 5. Capability Framework from KTA Perspective

Each capability will have a Guidance Note. The Guidance Note has two key purposes. One is to give people interested in developing a capability an opportunity to ascertain what their current level of capability is. Secondly, it helps those that are keen to help share their capabilities and experience in an area to frame up something that will lead others in their learning process.

Here is a description of how to write a Guidance Note and a draft Guidance Note Template… 6. How to write a Guidance Note and 6.1 Guidance Note template

Our aim over the coming months is to get a set of Guidance Notes together for each Capability. Here are a few examples….. 6.2 Finance Guidance Note and 6.3 Continuous Improvement Guidance Note and 6.4 Ability to Deliver Guidance Note

I should note these are drafts. Since drafting we are doing away with the concept of modules (as you will note in some of the attached). Instead people grow capabilities through experiences – whether it be through specific programmes (eg run via GROWme.) or through their work, other community groups etc.

While GROWme. is yet to be approved, the Warkworth club has started to frame up some of our club happenings around GROWme. For more information about what we have been doing go here add link to 7. GROWme at Work in Warkworth 

Planning Your Own Journey through GROWme.

I’ve attached a mock up of a GROWme. plan for Olly Onion… 8. GOme MY PLAN Olly Onion.

Here also is the opportunity to have a play yourself…. 9. GOme MY PLAN TEMPLATE.

This forms the start of the design specification for the technical developers (when we get to this stage). The link below has video instructions on how to use the GOme. PLAN.


What does success look like?

As noted the overarching vision is to help grow capabilities and confidence so all women can be who they want to be however, for BPW, the aim is for GROWme. to help BPW become more relevant to today’s society and ways of doing business and become a draw card for increasing our membership. However it also has the potential to:

  • provide a revenue stream for BPW
  • promote the BPW Brand in our communities
  • be a personal development tool for SME’s
  • help in the creation of a database of members’ capabilities.

Please bring your questions, comments and suggestions to our Regional Meetings, we look forward to discussing this with you.